Vinyl Revival : Comment sauver les vinyles oubliés🦸

Vinyl records, timeless symbols of rock, have entered our souls and our homes with insane energy. But with the advent of digital technology, tons of records have been abandoned, creating a mountain of unused vinyl across the globe. Recycling these fiery wafers is a complex process, but we've got the ultimate rock n' roll solution: Upcycling

The recycling process: from headbang to headache!
Recycling these fiery wafers is a real challenge. The vinyls are made of PVC (Hot Vinyl Plastic), a capricious material to recycle because it's so resistant, a bit like Keith Richards' guitars. Here's the recycling mosh pit: a) Shredding: Vinyl at the end of its useful life is shredded to make it easier to handle in the subsequent recycling stages. b) Depolymerization: The shredded PVC is subjected to ... Anyway, we won't finish because it's a bit boring. What you need to remember is that it burns a lot of energy and resources!

Also, most vinyl doesn't even go to landfill; it ends up lying in attics, cellars and warehouses across the globe, abandoned like musicians without fans!

Upcycling: Rock 'n' Roll all the way!

Faced with this problem, we've come up with a solution: upcycling! Well, the idea didn't come from us, we won't lie to you. Vinyl records have been turned into decorative items for ages. However, because of the highly manual work involved, it's always been difficult to sell them beyond small markets and in small quantities. Not very profitable.

Our SUPER POWER has grown over the years, and we've managed to expand production while retaining handmade quality - yep! Thanks to this, we've been able to create our VisualVinyls brand and bring you our most electric designs on our site!

Our mission is to thrill you and your walls with these icons in your living room 🤟