Retro is back!

It all started on a sunny afternoon in Colombia... While wandering through the magical streets of Bogotà, we uncovered a local craftsman - Adrian. This incredibly talented señor showed us how to infuse creativity into music and art. We were instantly in love! And wanted to spread our love to Europe... It was about time for retro music to make its comeback! And so, we picked Adrian's best designs and created our own to #RockYourWalls!

The Team

Our team is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are passionate about music, art, nature and bringing these worlds together. Most of all, we believe in supporting small businesses, craftsmanship and local artists.


Our Mission

Our main mission is to #RockYourWalls

We do this while saving old unusable vinyls from the landfills.

We believe that "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" and so we need to support positive transformation.


This is pure craftsmanship. Check out our ancestral method! Adrian's carvings are a unique way of cutting vinyls that are real records but cannot be played anymore. We don't want to harm these beautiful records. It's music first.